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Denise Atkins

Lorin Wagler ,  22,  is the 2023 Moore County Women’s Amateur Champion.    Wagler, a graduate of Pinecrest High School and UNC Chapel Hill, shot a 3 under par 69 at Mid South Club to pull ahead of Sook Hee Yang, Jamestown, by five strokes on the second day of the 36 hole competition.  Both tied at 71 from round one play at Talamore Golf Club,  Wagler played the par 5s at Mid South Club at 4 under, including an eagle on the ninth hole for two day total score of 140.   Seven players of a field of 80 were within five strokes of the lead after first day’s medal play at Talamore.   


Denise Atkins  won the Friendship Division, played at net , with a score of 136. 


The Moore County Women’s Amateur  annually contributes thousands of dollars, through its registration fee and with donations  from local businesses and residents, to support Friend to Friend, a county non profit which helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking rebuild their lives.

The MCWA trophy is housed at the Tufts Archives in Pinehurst.



Flight winners 

Champion Lorin Wagler 

Friendship Champion Denise Atkins 

Championship Flight

1st Place Gross Sook hee Yang 

2nd Place Gross Sarah Phillips-Durst 

1st Place Net Martha Mirman 

2nd Place Net Jean Gauthier 


1st Flight

1st Place Gross Sherry Bowman 

2nd Place Gross Barb Syler 

1st Place Net Robin Gallagher 

2nd Place Net Kit Simpson 


2nd Flight

1st Place Gross Julie Shore 

2nd Place Gross Kat Ems 

1st Place Net Jill Hemmingway 

2nd Place Net Tonya Kozlowski 


3rd Flight

1st Place Gross Stephanie Cuomo 

2nd Place Gross Cindy Cline 

1st Place Net Roni Hann 

2nd Place Net Libby Lewallen 


4th Flight

1st Place Gross Leslie Springer 

2nd Place Gross Jennette Rafetto 

1st Place Net Lana Yee 

2nd Place Net Lynn Dawson 


5th Flight

1st Place Gross Charlotte Kennedy 

2nd Place Gross Ann Galle 

1st Place Net Phillippa Davidson 

2nd Place Net Patty Camp 


6th Flight

1st Place Gross Julia Swift 

2nd Place Gross Vicki Hancock 

1st Place Net Christine Remines 

2nd Place Net Aime Richards 


7th Flight

1st Place Gross Carmen Faircloth 

2nd Place Gross Mason Nichols 

1st Place Net Elaine Simon 

2nd Place Net Bobbi Amato 

Complete results 

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